Gekko the 22nd Agent: Wingman Valorant’s Tactical Gameplay

Gekko the 22nd Agent: Wingman Valorant's Tactical Gameplay

Gekko the 22nd agent known for having a wide range of skills, has changed the way people play Valorant once more. He has many skills, but the Wingman ability has really caught the attention of the Valorant community, especially for its unique ability to place and defuse the spike.

Gekko the 22nd Agent: Getting Gekko’s Wingman to Work: Planting the Spike

  1. Make sure you have the spike:

Making sure the spike is safely in your inventory is the first thing you need to do to use Gekko’s Wingman successfully. Get together with your team and walk up to the chosen spike site.

  1. Use the Ability:

When you’re close to the planting area, wear the Wingman ability and press alt-fire. Find Gekko’s unique outline, which shows that he is ready to put the spike.

  1. Be aware of movement pathing:

Gekko’s Wingman has a new feature that is very cool, but it’s important to know that it has some problems with movement pathing. Unexpected paths can happen, like what happened with streamer Tarik, especially on some maps.

  1. Through Barriers and Smoke:

Place your Wingman through Sage’s Barrier Orb wall, Cypher’s Trapwires, and even smoke to see how flexible they are. That being said, remember that the Wingman only has 100 HP, so enemies can attack it while it’s planting.

Gekko the 22nd Agent: How to Avoid Spikes with Gekko’s Wingman

Gekko the 22nd Agent: Get ready and start:

Using Gekko’s Wingman to defuse the spike works in the same way. Put on the Wingman, press “alt-fire,” and watch as Gekko moves carefully toward the spike to avoid being hit.

Strategic Defusing:

Use the Wingman to defuse in a way that lets your team focus on finding and stopping the attackers who are holding the site. It adds to the tension if Gekko gets hurt in the middle of the game. The spike will still be half-defused.

Gekko the 22nd Agent: The Final Points Bonus:

Gekko gets an ultimate point if he was able to defuse the situation with his wingman. This changes not only the current round, but also the bigger strategy choices that need to be made in the game.

Watch Out for Enemy Abilities:

It’s important to think carefully before sending out the Wingman because enemy agent abilities like Astra’s Gravity Well could mess up the defusal process. Post-plant mollies and other skills that do damage also make it hard for the Wingman to succeed.

Wingman is more than just an ability for Gekko; it’s a game-changer that changes how Valorant is played tactically. Playing around with its features can lead to exciting results, but staying alert for enemy spies is very important. Get ready to improve your game and beat SLOT GAMPANG MENANG with Gekko’s Wingman’s smart skills!